Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Foam Toaster

I have started on a foam toaster, since I'm still not in the shed its been the surrogate project. I'm using used and salvaged parts and some bought bits and pieces. I think it will only be necessary for the Floats. Ill likely pass it on to another builder when I have finished them I guess.

I had an old PID temp controller pulled because it was suspect, but seems that it was OK in retrospect. I've incorporated an old scavenged 24V relay board and an HVAC switch with some low cost base board heaters that I think will keep an insulated cabinet at the right temperature to soften the foam. I'm going to use a set of wire shelves and foam insulation as the cabinet. I'll incorporate a squirrel cage fan to move the air around a bit. I think it will turn out nice if a bit of overkill,  but I have time so why not. 

I have completed the controller and safety switch finished (the hard part), I think I'll do the cabinet and door  later this week

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