Friday, January 21, 2011

Building Space

From experience I have learned that it is difficult to do family, work and build a boat. Especially such a large project, unless the access is really easy. Making the trip to a build shop, even if its just 10 minutes, eventually wears so thin that work on the boat will suffer or stop. I have decided to build in the backyard, even if that requires some accommodating to the climate and overall tightness of space.

First step will be to build a shop, the plans arrived today. I will need to get approval for a garage. Limitations are 1) 5ft setback from rear property lines, 2) 15ft height limit, 3) restrictions on impermeable coverage.
This makes the building of the center hull a problem I'll have to solve. Likely by a tent next to the shop and heat w/ a diesel heater.

Plot survey.

Shop plan and elevation.          

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